July 19, 2020

Top 3 Jewelry Hacks for Bracelets

Top 3 Jewelry Hacks for Bracelets

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You work hard for your money, right? (Especially in these times.) Plus, it's difficult to find a piece of jewelry that you love, so once you do, you want to wear it, right? So, I want to share 3 Jewelry Hacks for Bracelets, so you can get the most out of your jewelry collection:

  • How to stop a Stretch Bracelet from breaking?
    Ever pulled a stretch bracelet over your hand and had the elastic pop and the beads go scattering? You are putting it on the wrong way! You want to think of the beads as little wheels and roll it over your hand. See this video for an example.
  • Why are you getting Rashes under your bracelets & watches?
    Sigh, it never stops for those of us with sensitive skin, does it? I used to get this under watches or thick bangles. This can be caused by an allergic reaction to the metal, but also because water gets trapped underneath it when you wash your hands. The water gets trapped against your skin, it creates a moist environment, your skin gets irritated and BAM! suddenly you basically have diaper rash on your arm! (Eew, I know!) Here's what you can do:

    • Buy stainless steel bracelets/watches, or ones that are are nickel-free.

    • Buy beaded bracelets instead of thick metal bracelets or cuffs, so there is less space for water to get trapped.

    • Take your bracelets/ watch off at night, or switch them to a different hand every morning.

    • Look for watch bands made out of stainless steel mesh instead of leather or (god-forbid!) rubber/ plastic. The mesh will allow any trapped water to evaporate.

    • If you do wind up with a rash, don't wear the item for a while and use diaper cream or hydro-cortisone cream to treat it. It should clear up in a day or two, but if not then go see your friendly neighborhood Dermatologist.

    • How to keep Bangles from Slipping off your wrists?
      Do you have tiny wrists like me? Or small hands? Ever looked enviously at a woman dressed in Boho-chic, with her armload of bangles? Ahh..I too have the same problem. The rest of me can gain weight, but bangles still slide off my hand like I'm a child playing dress up. However, all is not lost! I wish I had know about this as a teenager:

      • Take a cue from Indian women...they know their bangles! (I'm talking about Southern Asia.) They buy bangles for little girls, pre-teens, adult women, etc., etc. Therefore they have to come in a million sizes and you can find gorgeous styles! Ones made of colored glass (lovely!) or metal. I was gifted a set from a friend, so I've never bought them but I would google "sized Indian Bangles" and look at the different styles.

      • Looking for a cheaper option? Interestingly, I've seen different sized bangle sets in Old Navy and Target! They have them in small, medium and large. They aren't going to last a lifetime, but if you are just looking for a cute accessory, why not?

    Stay Healthy & Beautiful!

    - Merrie


    P.S. What's your favorite jewelry hack? Leave it in the comment section, so others can benefit!