June 30, 2023

3 Tips to Keep Waterproof Jewelry Looking NEW

3 Tips to Keep Waterproof Jewelry Looking NEW


So you know that Oh, So Fitting's waterproof pieces are designed to be worn in the pool, ocean, hot-tub, etc. They will stand up to the GA heat and keep on going!

However, here are a couple tips to keep your pieces in tip top shape:


1. This is a BIG one, even though I do it all the time. Letting your jewelry jiggle around in your purse for weeks is a recipe for having it break. Plus it's likely to get snagged on something. If you have to do it, then place it in a small bag (like the one it came in) to protect it.

2. Did you know that little white bag that came with your purchase can also be used to polish your pieces? If you can't find it then used an old tee shirt. If it's feeling especially dirty, soak your jewelry in warm water and mild dish soap.

3. Look at the jump rings holding your necklace or earrings together. Do any look like they are loose or coming open? If so send me an email or stop by any event and I'll tighten them.