February 11, 2022

How to Display your Jewelry

How to Display your Jewelry
This is the Final and in my opinion most fun step in this series. How to display your Jewelry Properly. Never keep your  jewelry loose in a drawer as it is prone to breakage and damage this way.
The necklaces can also be hung vertically on hooks to avoid knots in its chain. I also love velvet lined jewelry trays as it allows me to see all of the pieces I have while keeping them corralled together but not clumped together in a jewelry box. 
Earrings with hooks should be displayed with the hooks looped into rotating round earring carousel(see picture below)
and post earrings can be placed in one of the compartments of your velvet tray.
Bracelets should be placed on a bracelet tree, that way they are easy to slide on and off.
I prefer to display my jewelry is it is visible to me when I am choosing my outfits. I always say that if I can't see it, it doesn't exist. 
We look forward to seeing at our shows this Spring. Look for our next newsletter with all the upcoming March shows.