July 02, 2021

The Style Spotlight: Meet Diva N'kenge

The Style Spotlight: Meet Diva N'kenge

So, you know how you've always wanted to know what I would do for a living if neither money nor talent was a requirement?

No, you don't remember asking?

Well, let me tell you anyway: I've always wanted to sing in broadway musicals! They wouldn't even need to pay me!

Now, I've had the pleasure of partnering with (and living vicariously through) Diva Nkenge: a beautiful Style Influencer and Chanteuse.

I can't beat her sass or singing talents, but I can imagine myself on stage through her IG feed. (Seriously, you must visit her blog for a large dose of fabulousness!) You can catch her in upcoming performances such as "The Legacy Of Dorothy Dandridge" and the revival of "Caroline, or Change".

She prefers statement pieces that show up on stage, so she's chosen a lot of my enamel work. She's rocking my Gold and Black Geometric Gift Set above and my Filigree Leaf  Earrings below.

Much Love Ms. N'Kenge! Dorothy Dandrige would be proud.


Stay Healthy and Beautiful,