September 01, 2021

"Le Cercle" Collection Inspiration

"Le Cercle" Collection Inspiration

Hi there,

Are you ready to start bringing fall colors into your wardrobe? (Yeah, it's fall in a couple of weeks, and if we all agree to stop sweating outside it will come a lot faster too.) :-)

So, remember every year when the leaves start falling, and you want to start wearing all those russet browns, golden yellows, and cranberry reds that are in the stores, but it's TOO HOT to wear sweaters? Then meet the full "Le Cercle" collection, my customers love it for transition periods because the pieces look equally great with a nice tee as they do with sweaters.

This line was inspired by the view through a kaleidoscope. Each piece combines layers of circular shapes to create lightweight, statement looks. Make a statement without the weight. 



P.S. The "Le Cercle" collection only has 5 pieces of each style in stock, and they’re expected to sell out quick, so grab your geometric piece of minimalist style today!