Phthalate-Free Cleaning Supplies (Great for People with Sensitive Skin & Noses too!)

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So, I've recently learned another reason why you want to avoid synthetic fragrances, even if you don't have sensitive skin or allergies: Phthalates are contained in all synthetic fragrances. They are an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to diabetes, birth defects and sexual defects, (see this article from the Huffington Post for more details.) They are the reason you buy BPA-free water bottles and the reason why I can hear my mom's disapproving glare on my shoulder whenever I'm being lazy and consider heating up food in a plastic container. Those are all ways Phthalates get into our lives. (Sad face) oldest sister is rolling her eyes as I write this post. She's a chemist who works for the EPA and she's apparently been telling me about Phthalates for years, but I've only recently started "listening". So, I guess my other tip of the day is "Listen to your older sisters!...sometimes...when you can stand it...(younger sisters: you know exactly what I'm talking about...everything they say should be tested...especially if you have two of them)". 

Aaaaanyway, cutting out synthetic frangrances is a great way to start reducing Phthalates in your life. I've blogged a lot about fragrance free skin care products, so I thought I would talk about a category we don't think about much: our household products. We spend at least an hour each day doing dishes, laundry, dusting, etc....think about how much synthetic fragrace you are breathing in. Yuck! Take a look at my list and don't forget to leave me your favorites in the comments!


  • Everspring

    An inexpensive brand sold at target. They have fragrance-free versions and ones that are only scented with essential oils!! They also use 100% recyclable containers and do not test on animals. Their line includes:
    1. hand soap
    2. dish soap
    3. laundry detergent
    4. cleaning wipes

      Seventh Generation seems to be the blend the best of both of the other brands! They don't use synthetic fragrances and have a fragrance free line. They have the most complete line of products. They get great reviews on Target and are affordably priced.
          1. hand soap
          2. dish soap
          3. laundry detergent  (incl. packs)
          4. cleaning wipes
          5. laundry stain remover
          6. toilet bowl cleaner
          7. dishwasher soap (incl. packs)
          8. fabric softener
          9. wood cleaner

                  A brand for infants, but it is also hypoallergenic, fragrance- free and dermatologist tested. However, since it is geared toward the very young, it's the highest priced brand on this list. However, their line gets GREAT reviews! It includes:
                      1. hand soap
                      2. dish soap
                      3. laundry detergent
                      4. cleaning wipes
                      5. multi-surface spray
                      6. hand sanitizer

                    What's your favorite natural or hypoallergenic household brand? Leave it in the comments, please.

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                    • Michele Palmer on

                      Hi Mere!
                      Older sister Michele here, the chemist and environmental engineer. I did write a blog on phthalates in 2015. Yes, it’s good to listen to your sisters, both older and younger. I’ve learned a lot from you, too. Here’s hoping that you will not use plastic water bottles that have been sitting in the car in the Georgia heat. More chemicals leach out at higher temperatures.

                      Just a few more details on phthalates:
                      Phthalates are found in plastics and artificial fragrances. (I pronounce them THAL-lates, I can’t manage the PHTH). :-) One of their uses is to make plastics softer and another is to carry fragrances. We are exposed to them in a number of ways – through vinyl shower curtains, new cars (you know that new car smell that we all love – phthalates!), perfumes and some children’s toys. They are among a class of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors. Endocrine disruptors interfere with our body’s natural hormonal system and cause subtle changes in our bodies. Some possible health effects are: sperm mutations, interference with puberty and masculinity, interference with fetal development and tumor promotion.

                      One way to avoid them is to avoid artificial fragrances, plastic food containers and vinyl shower curtains. I use cloth shower curtains, natural fragrances and avoid cooking in plastic containers. Save bottled water for emergencies and drink filtered tap water.

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