September 05, 2021

A woman is most beautiful when she is happy and comfortable...

A woman is most beautiful when she is happy and comfortable...

I’ve always loved simplicity in fashion, especially for work. I worked in I.T. in corporate America for most of my adult life, which meant long hours. Plus, it lent itself to a certain “no-nonsense” vibe when it came to clothes. However, I loved to shop and loved fashion in general. I wanted my clothing to look great, feel great, be reasonably priced, and I wanted it to go with most things already in my wardrobe. This meant that when I found something I loved, I bought it in every color possible. :) Yes, if I loved the shoes in brown, then I would love them in black. If the cardigan came in purple, fuchsia, apple green, royal blue, white and black – great, then I’d buy them all!


It didn’t hurt that I worked with a lot of men who, to be honest, felt the same way about their wardrobe, “I’ll buy these pants in tan, blue and black. Then I’ll get this collared shirt in white, blue, and all the stripe patterns. Voila!" As long as I don’t gain or lose any weight for the next 40 years, I won’t have to spend a penny on work clothes until I die! I knew I was a genius!”


This went on for about 10 years, me in bootcut trousers and button-up shirts. Or me in A-line skirts with twinsets. For jewelry, I wore a tiny pair of titanium studs every day – that was it! (For the weekends, I would take out the studs and wear actual earrings and necklaces,)


Then one day something amazing happened, when I was feeling incredibly comfortable with my routine, my niece came to stay with me one summer. One day I casually joked that “Ha, I pretty much look the same every day at work, don’t I?” She didn’t laugh back. (That's when she lit the fire.) Then, I realized that perhaps I’d become a bit boring and could step up my game. I wasn’t the new girl on the block anymore, so I could relax a bit and let my personality shine through. When she offered to be my personal shopper, I reiterated that I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning creating outfits (I still wanted a mix-n-match wardrobe), so we decided to add accessories to individualize my outfits.


I’ve always loved minimalist designs. Luckily minimalist jewelry gives off a sophisticated vibe, so wearing it to work allowed me to feel classy yet still represented who I was. So I started buying a lot of that style of jewelry. We added some medium-sized earrings and necklaces in simple shapes that could be worn with everything. Then I began to view my outfits as more than just uniforms. I knew they represented me, and I felt better in them!


I know that you struggle with time because you're juggling your career, kids, weekend, etc. (We all do.) You want to look and feel fabulous in your clothes, but not at the expense of having to spend a lot of time or effort.


Perhaps you are drawn to Oh, So Fitting because:

  • You have access to simple, minimalist designs that are easy to style with your wardrobe.
  • You can grab a wide variety of styles and get them customized so you can find the perfect piece to express yourself.
  • All pieces are created with lightweight materials, so you know that you can put your pieces on and forget about them during the day.

A woman is most beautiful when she is happy and comfortable. Let Oh, So Fitting accessorize your inner beauty. 


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