Summer Line Inspiration

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If you've been to my Instagram page, Kudzu Decatur or the Brookhaven Farmer's Market, then you've seen my new Candy-Colored-Pops line (whew...that's a mouthful). They feature adorable little enamel shapes that I bought from a lady in Paris.

(Right now, these pieces are only available at Brookhaven Farmer's Market and Kudzu Decatur, but you can always DM me on Instagram and I'll get a pair to you!)

What I haven't shared is my inspiration for them. Earlier this year, I attended a Hindu wedding in Chicago. Wow! I'm so used to American weddings which feature a lot of white, cream and maybe a pastel or two, that I was blown away by all the beautiful colors and patterns. I chose to wear a wine colored dress because it was late winter/ early spring, and I literally just blended in with the walls. :)

I talk about liking minimalist looks a lot, so I'm not sure how to explain my love for bright colors and beautiful patterns. I guess I like using a pop of a great print or fantastic color on a neutral background so it's formost and center.

Here's a picture of the bride's whole ensemble which she was kind enough to let me use.

I love this closeup because it highlights the dress' beautiful details. There is something insteresting and beautiful to look at from every angle.

Fresh flowers and a bun = simple and elegant. I'd always planned on having a "J. Crew wedding". Meaning that my dress would be white with very simple, clean lines.  No ruffles or "froof", but I would have a veil that would steal the show. However, I could see myself wearing my hair like this and it having the same effect.

Bangles galore!

More pink and your heart out!

The bride's henna tattoos:

I have to say that I think I love this dress the most! It's not really the kind of thing that you can throw on to wear to the movies, so I'm not sure what I'd do with it. (Maybe, hold onto it until I get invited to another Hindu wedding?) But, could you imagine having this fabric framed on the wall? It would set off all my Ikea and thrift store finds. :)

This is the skirt of the Mother of the Groom's dress. I love teal, turquoise, sea foam - anything like that. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise that I loved this dress, but I think the grey/ blue underlay is so unique! You can really only see the underlay when she walks and it makes the lighter shade more intense. Plus, the gold embroidery was a great complement to the blues. I guess her dress is the inspiration for my OOAK bracelets:

Finally, we have the happy couple being showered with rose petals:

I hope you've enjoyed this colorful journey with me. I'd love to hear about what you are excited to wear for Summer. :)

(All pictures of the wedding were taken by Peter Pawinski Photography and are being used with permission from Bride & Groom.)

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